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Class of 2024 - Commencement Ceremony

Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 7:00 pm 
Desert Ridge High School Stadium
10045 E Madero Ave
Mesa, AZ 85212

Gates open at 5:30 pm. All seating is first come, first served. There are NO tickets or limits to guests at this time, but that could change due to Health and Safety restrictions at the time of Graduation. Students and families will be notified ASAP if that happens.

The auditorium will be open and air-conditioned for our heat-sensitive guests with the Commencement Ceremony being live-streamed. 

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Class of 2024 Dates for Graduates

Hello Class of 2024 and Families

We are pleased to announce the following important dates:

May 15th ~ Seating/line assignments will be posted on the windows of the Library. Check the list to find your row number and East or West side. We recommend that you take a picture of your assignment with your phone, for a quick reference later. Any student whose name does not appear on the list needs to see Mrs. Perkins in the front office immediately.

May 16th ~ Seniors can start turning in their Chromebooks All Day to the Library if they have completed all class assignments and finals 

May 17th ~ Senior Sunset @ 6:30 pm on the Practice Football Field between our school and the Jr High

May 19th ~ Baccalaureate will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 3:00 pm in the DRHS Auditorium. This is an Optional participation for Graduating Students and their families. Students must be in the cafeteria by 2:30 pm and seating for all guests will open at 2:30 as well. Please Register here by Wednesday, May 15th. This event will be livestreamed on our DRHS YouTube Channel.   

May 21st ~ Last day of Classes for Seniors.

May 23rd ~ Graduation Rehearsal…May 23rd @ 6:45 am. This is mandatory for all students planning to walk at Graduation. Students may NOT leave early so please plan any appointments after 9:00 am. Meet in the Gym

May 23rd ~ The Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2024 will be held from 7-9 pm @ Desert Ridge High School Football Stadium. Graduates must be checked in to their designated Gymnasium Staging Area no later than 6:30 pm sharp. The processional starts promptly at 7 pm … if you are not in line, we will not wait. Admission for family & friends is free, but the number of guests allowed per student will depend on the health and safety measures in effect at the time of graduation. All seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Grad Images will be the Official Photographer for Graduation. Pre-register now for Discounted Photos
The Graduation Ceremony will be live-streamed on our DRHS YouTube Channel 

May 24th ~ If you choose not to participate in the Graduation ceremony, Diplomas will be available for pick-up after 9 am in the front office as long as you have met all of the Graduation requirements. 

Graduation Ceremony Information

Graduation Ceremony Information

Final confirmation regarding participation will be determined by the student's grades, test scores, and behavior.

Baccalaureate and Commencement are both special occasions that are intended to celebrate the achievements of our Desert Ridge High School Seniors. Both ceremonies are planned as formal events with specific expectations for student dress and behavior.


Baccalaureate ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 3:00 pm in the Desert Ridge High School Auditorium. Baccalaureate is a more solemn and uplifting ceremony, in comparison to the celebratory atmosphere of the Graduation ceremony. It is intended to be a family ceremony that celebrates this achievement in your children’s lives. Graduates report to the Cafeteria at 2:30 pm in cap & gown attire. 

**Students must Register by May 14th for Baccalaureate**

Graduation Rehearsal

REHEARSAL IS MANDATORY! Graduation rehearsal will be held Thursday, May 23rd, from 6:45 am to 8:30 am. Please be in your designated line in the DRHS Gymnasium by 6:45 am sharp. If you are not at rehearsal, you will not be able to participate in the ceremony that night. Students, who have a conflict and cannot attend graduation rehearsal, must get prior approval from Ms. Karnick in the Admin Office.  

Seating or Line Assignments

Seating/line assignments will be posted on May 15th, on the windows of the Library. Check the list to find your row number, East or West side, and your line leaders’ name. There will also be staff in the Gym helping Global & Canyon Valley students the morning of rehearsal so please get there early if you need to find your line number. We recommend that you take a picture of your assignment with your phone, for a quick reference later. Any student whose name does not appear on the list needs to see Ms. Karnick immediately.

The Commencement Ceremony Line Up

Graduates will ALL meet in the High School Gymnasium staging area no later than 6:30 pm. Commencement will start promptly at 7:00 pm in the Desert Ridge High School Stadium.

Graduation Guidelines

Dress Code for Graduation

Please remember: this is a formal event for our graduates. Students dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony

  • Gentleman – dress slacks and a collared dress shirt (tie not required, but recommended), dress shoes, and socks. NO – Jeans, shorts, or flip-flops
  • Ladies – dress, or skirt/dress slacks with blouse, dress shoes. We recommend flats or wedges. NO – Jeans, shorts, or flip-flops
  • All students must have a black gown, a black cap, and a DRHS tassel. These are available for purchase through Jostens.
  • Students who are graduating with honors (have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or better) may wear the yellow tassel given to them at  Golden Scholars to celebrate their achievement, along with their DRHS tassel. 
  • Caps and Gowns may NOT be altered in any way. Only approved DRHS tassels (No Bling) will be allowed on caps (no other pins, insignia, markings, etc.) Only approved DRHS-awarded honor cords and stoles may be worn during the ceremony. You must earn honor stoles/cords on our campus to wear them. Regalia/Honors from other institutions (ie: EVIT, ACE Plus, NSHSS, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Leis of any kind are not permitted - please have parents/family/friends hold them until after the ceremony. 
  • Students will receive a DRHS medallion (that turns into a key ring) when they arrive at the Gymnasium staging area for Graduation. 
  • Students will not be allowed to carry any items into the Stadium, and there is no place to store items. Leave purses, cameras, keys, and other personal items with your parents/family/friends


Any behavior interfering with the educational environment, including class disruptions or pranks, will result in behavioral consequences and possible removal by school staff or Mesa PD.

  • Line leaders and school staff reserve the right to check students for inappropriate objects (balloons, beach balls, signs, noisemakers, etc.) before leaving the staging area. 
  • Students found with any such contraband in their possession will have the item confiscated and/or the student will be removed from the ceremony. Confiscated items may or may not be available for return. Any student seeking to disrupt the ceremony in any way will be removed by school staff or Mesa PD.
  • Any student who appears to be under the influence of a controlled substance will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the Gilbert Public School District/the City of Mesa laws.
  • Individuals who engage in inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be removed from the event

Parent / Guest Guidelines

  • Graduation is a special event for all involved. Please show respect for everyone who has come to share in the experience. 
  • So each family can hear their students’ names…please no air horns or noisemakers. Please keep the posters and balloons at home to celebrate after the ceremony as they will not be allowed in the stadium. 
Senior Reminders

Senior Reminders 

  1. Fines - to be cleared for graduation, make sure that any fines you may have at the library, bookstore, or cafeteria are paid! 
  2. Uniforms/Instruments - make sure that any uniforms/instruments/equipment for sports, band, choir, or orchestra are returned to be cleared for graduation.
  3. Final Transcript - a final transcript indicating your graduation MUST BE SENT to the ONE college/university you will be attending next year. There is a charge of $10. This is the final step in the application process. Final Transcripts will be available to send on June 3rd, 2024. (If you received a registration code handout, go to if you received an email, click the link)
    1. Register For Your Free Account
      1. Visit Parchment
      2. Find your school
      3. Build your profile
    2. Request Your Transcript
      1. Choose Order
      2. Select Destinations such as colleges, Common App, or yourself
      3. Review your Order and Check Out
    3. Track Your Transcript
      1. Watch your email for updates
      2. Log in to Parchment for more details
      3. For Additional support visit

Each year we provide directions for seniors to either download or transfer their files from their GPS Google Workspace account to another Google account so they can access any of their files after graduation. Directions for both the download process and the process to transfer files to a new Google account. The Transfer process requires creating a new account or using an existing personal account to transfer to, and will only allow up to 15 GB.

Graduation Day Picture

GradImages is the official photographer for our graduation. Each graduate will be photographed as she/he receives her/his diploma cover. Proofs of those pictures will be available for viewing at You may be eligible for a discount on your future purchase if you go to the website and pre-register your student’s information. Click on the Pre-Event Registration tab.