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Welcome to Desert Ridge High

Go Jags

Desert Ridge High School's mission is to foster responsible and productive citizens by promoting academic excellence and inspiring an attitude of inquiry and enthusiasm for lifelong learning while meeting the ever-changing needs of our diverse population. 

We are a campus community that is accepting of all students and offers unique and challenging opportunities to prepare students for the next steps in life.

Desert Ridge students are encouraged to explore all our campus has to offer, both during and after the school day, as our students and community involvement truly sets Desert Ridge apart. Staff at Desert Ridge recognize the importance of supporting well-rounded, academically minded students in their journey through high school and beyond.

We have 21 dual enrollment classes and 22 AP courses to prepare our College/University-bound students. While career-bound students have access to a variety of Career and Technical Education programs, both on our campus and in our partnership with East Valley Institute of Technology.

Discover the beauty of our open courtyard campus with abundant outdoor seating as well as our full-service cafeteria with plenty of indoor seating and a stage for lunchtime activities.

Desert Ridge High robotics tournament
Desert Ridge High  student working
Desert Ridge High students in classroom
Desert Ridge High students in culinary class
Desert Ridge High working on computer

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