Chris Helseth

Chris Helseth

AP World History
BIG History
American Government
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AP World History: This course will provide an overview of World History sufficient in scope and depth to prepare a student for the Advanced Placement Exam. This course will cover relationships between various societies throughout the world and compares political, economic, religious, and social issues. Only students planning to take the Advanced Placement Exam should take this course.

Big History: This course will unravel a modern story of our interconnected existence across almost 14 billion years of time, drawing on knowledge from a wide range of disciplines. It is designed for students who intend on taking AP World History in the future. Big History students integrate the knowledge produced into a coherent historical story of increasing complexity as they place themselves in the context of this big story that moves from the origins of the planet to the history of the future. Studies include: the life and death of stars, aggregation of planets, development of Earth, geological formation of continents, evolution of life on Earth, influence of language, interconnectivity and collective learning, the emergence of agrarian civilizations and the first citystates, growing economic interdependence among humans, the collision of cultures, the modern industrialized world, and humans’ relationship with the biosphere. This course has students look towards the future, and consider the next great thresholds of complexity

American Government: This course will introduce the basic institutions and practices of the American and Arizona systems of government. This course will focus on the rights and the responsibilities of an active and informed citizen.

Economics: This course will explore microeconomics and macroeconomics, which prepares the student for decision-making within the American Marketing System. Students will study supply and demand, competition, monetary and fiscal policies and economic growth.

About Me

I have been a teacher for five years and this is my fourth year at Desert Ridge High School.

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