Tara Dale

Tara Dale

Tara Dale

Ecology and Environmental Science - room 5204



Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with their environment.  This includes food chains/food webs, predator/prey, pollution, etc.  The theme of ecology is that everything is connected.  John Muir, a conservationist, observed that, "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."  This is the essence of ecology!  

During the first semester we are one of 23 classrooms in the United States that were chosen to participate in the Climate Action Project.  All four of my classes will participate.  Click here for the details!  The project will run all of October.  Students will research a local issue caused by climate change and report it to 61 other countries around the world as they teach others and learn from others.

During the second semester, the students will choose a fast food chain to collaborate with, trying to help the company decrease its carbon footprint.  This is an organic project that I created.  More information will be released as 2018 approaches.

About Me

I'm so excited to be at "The Ridge"!  This is only my second year here, but it is my 11th year teaching.  I earned my two Bachelors of Science degrees in Psychology and Biology from Arizona State University.  After working in the financial industry for 14 years, I returned to school, earning my Master’s in Secondary Education from University of Phoenix.  I left the corporate world to follow my soul into teaching.  In 2014, I was honored with the title of Arizona Educational Foundation's Ambassador for Excellence.  My personal goal is that every student learn to use critical thinking skills to problem solve, analyze data, and read for understanding.  This class does not require students to memorize facts but instead to obtain a deeper understanding of concepts so the students can use them in other aspects of their lives.


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