Jeffrey Sesemann

Jeffery Sesemann

Subject: Honors and AP Chemistry
Room: 5218

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    This course will focus on the major concepts in Chemistry.  Chemistry is the study of matter and it will be explored through models, lectures, demonstrations, readings, laboratory work, as well as some independent thinking, and scientific inquiry. In chemistry students will learn how matter is categorized, and explore various atomic theories, as well as the causes of chemical reactions. Students will also be required to read scientific texts, analyze and interpret data, as well do calculations, making chemistry a heavy mathematical course. To be successful in this course, students will be expected to DO science and THINK as a scientist in order to able to apply the content they are learning to the real world.





Unit 1: Measurements/Physical Properties of Matter


Unit 2: Gases


Unit 3: Thermo-Chemistry


Unit 4: Mixtures and Compounds


Unit 5: Counting of Particles


Unit 6: Bonding/Periodic Table/Nomenclature


Unit 7: Chemical Reactions


Unit 8: Dilutions and Solutions/ Acids and Bases


Unit 9: Equilibrium


Unit 10: Oxidation and Reduction


About Me

I graduated from Arizona State University BA in chemical education and obtained my graduate degree from Grand Canyon University. This is my 5th year teaching at Desert Ridge.  When I have free time I like to play with my two kids, go hiking with my wife, and I enjoy reading a variety of books.


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