Heidi Beller

Sra. Stiff


 Spanish Communications 1
Room:  5209

Email link heidi.stiff@gilbertschools.net

Welcome to Spanish Communications 1!
Learning a new language is a challenging but rewarding experience.  During the course of the year, students will gain an solid foundation in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.  We will also explore the culture of Spanish speaking countries and compare them to our own. Computer based programs are a key component in my classroom.  I believe that learning a foreign language should be fun, engaging and useful.  



About Me:  
I have been teaching Spanish for 7 years and absolutely love what I do.   While in college I had the opportunity to live and study in Mexico for over a year which allowed me to become fluent in Spanish and gain an appreciation for another culture.  I received my BA from University of Montana in Spanish and History and later, my Masters of Education from the University of Phoenix.