Ms. Hendrix

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Ms. Hendrix

College Math & Honors Pre-Calculus
Room: 5121


This school year, I will be teaching:

MAT142 College Mathematics
is a dual enrollment class available for 3 college credits through Chandler/Gilbert Community College. Topics include: personal finance, set theory, linear programming, exponential growth and decay, probability and statistics.

Pre-Calculus is a dual enrollment class which combines MAT152 College Algebra and MAT 182 Plane Trigonometry for 3 credits each  through Chandler /Gilbert Community College. Topics include: 
equations, functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, polynomials, rational, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric), transformations, trigonometric equations, trigonometric identities, graphing of trigonometric functions, solutions of triangles, applications, complex numbers, polar coordinates, DeMoivre's theorem, logarithms, exponential functions, partial fraction decomposition, conic sections, sequences and series

About Me

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your young adult to a new school year. I am an experienced professional educator. I have an Associate of Arts in Mathematics/Computer Science, a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics, two Master of Arts degrees, and a real estate license. I am a Chandler/Gilbert Community College on-campus dual enrollment instructor. I am also an adjunct professor at Central Arizona College.  I am an original jaguar who has been Employee of the Month, in two editions of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and nominated for the DisneyHand Teacher Award. I was the campus representative for the district’s teacher/superintendent advisory committee meetings for two years. I also help improve the quality of education in our state for all students by working with the AZ Department of Education. My most recent projects include being on the high school mathematics advisory team, editing the performance level descriptors for Algebra I and Algebra II, and item selection for the Algebra II AzMerit test.

I like to travel internationally. I have been all of the world including all seven continents! I am an avid animal lover. I have a Lionhead rabbit and a Maine Coon cat. 
I like church, Bikram yoga, cyclone cycling and hiking. I am an organic Green Chef. I am very blessed and whenever possible, I am a conduit of positive energy.

I am excited about providing educational services to your young adult. Please contact me if you have comments or concerns. I look forward to having an awesome school year!