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Visual Arts: Digital Photography



Syllabus for Digital Photography I II AP

Desert Ridge High School Visual Arts

Mr. Mangone

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Course Description:

Digital photo I is a course designed to introduce students to the Mac computer and the Adobe Photo shop program. Instruction will be given on how to use the computer in a general manner then move to the Adobe Photoshop program where students will work on photo manipulation. We will be using the cameras and learning how they work.

Competencies and Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the Adobe Photoshop program
  • Use of the DSLR Cameras
  • Explore career options in photography
  • Identify and integrate the elements and principals of art in their own artwork
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate the aesthetic quality of a photograph
  • Apply critical thinking using problem solving skills and logical reasoning when creating photos
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of their own photographs
  • Understand HTML/CSS and create a website


We will be using digital cameras for this class. If you have your own I recommend that only you use that camera. If you want someone else to use it please talk to your parents about the consequences of those actions. While you are in my room I will insist that only you use your camera unless there is an understanding between all parties involved.

Use of the school cameras will be limited to students who are receiving a “A” in the class. It is expected that school equipment be handled with respect and taken care of. Any misuse of any school equipment will result in the loss of using the cameras.


Any misuse or abuse of the computers will result in no longer using them. Videos, YouTube, games of any kind are not accepted at anytime.


There is to be no food in the class.


The semester begins with a pre-test to determine students’ knowledge of the computer and the Mac computer in general.


The final exam is mandated by the board of education to be 20% of the semester grade. This post-test will be both written and practical and will measure improvement in knowledge and ability that has taken place during the semester.

Writing and Analysis:

Students will find that they can speak intelligently and critically about photography when they have been challenged to critique it. Each photographic assignment includes a written self-assessment and critique. Vocabulary and terms developed during the lesson, unit and semester will help the student to become more intellectually and culturally informed. There will be writing assignments during the semester, including a short research paper.


Creative expression is linked with craftsmanship in this course. Students are encouraged to appreciate the value of giving their best effort and of finding pride in producing quality work.


Phones are not to be out during instructional times or any other time during class. Students will be asked to place them away if they are taken out. If a student has a phone out they will be asked to put it away. If it is a constant problem a call home will be made to make parents aware of the situation. After that point the student will be referred to the office.


Students are expected to be in class at the time of the bell. Students are late to class will get a warning the first two times this occurs. The third time the student will have points taken off the latest assignment. Time you walked into class will be marked down as well as the date.

Any student who accrues ten or more absences in any class may see an "INC" as their grade at marking periods until work is made up. Additionally, any student who accrues ten or more absences any in any class will be placed on academic probation with the possibility of losing credit for that class.


You will find me in room 2106 working with photos and photoshop.

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