Dress Code Policy

In support of the educational environment, the following guidelines have been established. It is an expectation that volunteers working with students will adhere to this policy. These guidelines include, but are not limited to:

·      Tops with 2 inch minimum strap-width on each shoulder

·      Shirts and tops need to be long enough to cover midriff

·      Clothing must modestly cover under arm, back, cleavage, and chest area

·      Clothing must cover the undergarments and buttocks

·      Shorts, skirts and dresses must be modest in length

·      Shoes must be worn at all times

·      Pants and shorts must be worn to fit, no bagging or sagging

Prohibited Items Include But Not Limited To:

·      Fabric can’t be see-through

·      Tank top underwear

·      Tattered and torn clothing

·      Trench coats

·      Clothing items identified as negative or gang affiliated and/or carry the potential to create intimidation and violence.

·      Clothing, backpacks, binders, jewelry, or tattoos that displays offensive symbols, inappropriate or negative messages

·      Bare feet and slippers without rubber soles

·      Shoes with wheels (Heelys)

·      Hairstyles considered disruptive to the educational process

·      Hats that are altered from their original forms

·      Hair nets, do-rags

·      Bandanas worn in an inappropriate manner

·      Jewelry or accessories that could present a safety hazard

·      Body piercings that pose a safety hazard or distract from the educational process

·      Contact lenses that distract from the educational process

Students out of compliance with our dress code will be sent to the nurses office where appropriate clothing will be provided for the remainder of the day. Repeated violation will also result in detention and/or in-school suspension.

School administrators will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of any student’s appearance. To create the safest possible environment for students and to guarantee the students’ focus it to receive a quality education, GPS finds it necessary to outline expectations regarding student dress code.

*Districts Policy regarding School Dress Code - Dress Code JICA

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