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  • GoodReads
    This site is like Facebook for book lovers. You can track Books you want to read, Books you have read, Books you are currently reading...and you can even rate and review what you read. Then you can get recommendations based on what you like and don't like. It is very cool. Book Lovers Unite! 
  • Monster Librarian

    "The Monster Librarian Presents Horror Fiction Reviews for Young Adults"

    This is the best site I have seen for these categories.
  • Young Adult Books in Series and Sequels
    This site is sponsored/compiled by the Bettendorf Public Library. This only matters because you shouldn't try to login, as you won't have the credentials. You don't need to anyway, as the site is really just a place for looking up series information for YA books. Enjoy the hunt!
  • Fantastic Fiction
    Fantastic Fiction is my go-to website for finding out the next book in a series or what's missing in a series. It is organized for searching by author or title and it is really fast! You don't have to have an account or anything and it is super handy if you love to read series. 
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    On FictFact, you can do a lot of the same things as other sites, but this one allows you to make an account where you can sort books you've read and want to read and all that jazz. It's also great for tracking books in a series. Check it out! 
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